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Hollywood Lighting Zings "Bing" with All-Sustainable LED Rig

Dwayne Thomas June 12th, 2009

Portland OR — Hollywood Lighting Services of Seattle, WA recently completed a large low-energy lighting set up for Microsoft, Inc, for a brand rollout event. “Bing,” Microsoft's new search engine that has been launched to compete with popular sites such as Google and Yahoo, has a distinctive logo that was presented in a very-large format.

“It needed to be extremely bright, but draw as little power as possible. It also had to be animated, said Dwayne Thomas, president of Hollywood Lighting Services. "Traditional projectors or LED video would not have done the trick and would have been prohibitively expensive, so we decided to do an end around to get to the solution."

Ultimately, the Bing logo was created using (330) LED RGB fixtures, which were individually pixel-mapped to video (via media server) for amazing real-time effects. The fixtures were laid out to within a 1/4 inch tolerance on a large lawn at Seattle Center using road survey equipment, following a CAD blueprint that was created from a simple graphic image of the logo.

The LED logo array was over 60' wide when finished, and the entire job was installed and ready to show in less than a day.

“I credit great equipment and diligent pre-production processes," said Tony Bove, HLS Seattle's senior designer and the project manager for this event. "When we told the survey equipment provider that we intended to locate 330 points in about 6 hours, they laughed, but we got it done in plenty of time, and only had to relocate one fixture after the initial camera test."

As seen in the event photograph, the beam of light from the logo was significantly brighter than that of the nearby pod of (20) 7,000w searchlights in the top right-hand side of the photo. However, the logo consumed on average less than 10% of the energy of the searchlight beam, changed color and played back video, and, of course, had the added bonus of actually spelling something!

The logo was filmed via Helicopter for future advertising use.

Hollywood Lighting Services is proud to be the oldest and largest event lighting production, rental, and sales operation in the Northwest, and operates as a
sustainable business both in internal practices as well as through innovative low-energy and high-efficiency product offerings. In June 2008, HLS was certified by
Recycleworks as a green company.

Hollywood Lighting Services contact information:

• 660 S. Dakota St, Seattle, WA 98108 800-547-2353
Tony Bove –

• 5251 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Portland OR 97202 800-826-9881
Dwayne Thomas –

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