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News - Green Building

Crestron Fusion™ Delivers Enterprise-Wide Integrated Building Management Solution
Source: Crestron via University Business (May 24, 2012)

Green BIM: How Building Information Modeling is Contributing to Green Design and Construction
Source: McGraw Hill Construction (May 2012)
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Places to Look for Energy Losses in Commercial Buildings
Source: environmentalLeader; John McDermott (May 14, 2012)

Is this the world's smartest, greenest building?
Source: GreenBiz; Jim Sinopoli (May 10, 2012)

GSA Releases Second Review of Green-Building Certification Systems
Source: Eco-Structure; Alexandra Rice (May 9, 2012)

Creating a Green Corporate Culture
Source: ConstrucTech (April 2012)

Green lights for Sports Mouthguards get green light
Source: Sun Times; Ed Collins (March 29, 2012)

Buildings' 'Tower of Babel' problem: They can't share data
Source: GreenBiz; Dan Probst (March 16, 2012)

US Retrofits Worth $1tn Savings Over 10 Years, Report Says
Source: environmentalLeader (March 2, 2012)

Recent Trends in Sustainable Building
Source: environmentalLeader; Marc Karell (Feb 22, 2012)

With LEED Gold, SUNY-ESF's Centennial Hall Is Central New York's Largest Prefab Project
Source: gbNYC; Stephan Del Percio (Dec 12, 2011)

12 Cities Where Housing is Booming
Home sales are on the rise, and that is good news for CE pros.

Source: CE Pro; Maxine Giza (Nov 29, 2011)

USGBC Launches App Lab
Source: environmentalLeader (Nov 23, 2011)

New International Green Construction Code (IgCC) Development Complete
Source: IGCC (Nov 2011)

Empire State Building Achieves LEED Gold for Operations
Source: GreenSource; Paula Melton (Oct 14, 2011)

Net Zero Energy Building Certification Program Launched
Source: Eco-Structure (Oct 11, 2011)

Kohl's Wins First LEED Volume Gold, Plans 500 Certified Stores
Source: environmentalLeader (Oct 6, 2011)

Clinton, Branson Launch Major Building Energy Efficiency Projects
Source: environmentalLeader (sept 21, 2011)

Harvard First University to Boast 50 LEED Certifications
Source: GreenSource Magazine; Paula Melton (Sept 20, 2011)

Empire State Building gets gold for green-ness
Source: Crains New York Business; Theresa Agovino (Sept 13, 2011)

Can One Million Bulbs Save One Billion Dollars?
Macy's is a test case—and it could showcase how LED makers play nice with their bulb customers.

Source: Greentech Enterprise; Michael Kanellos (Sept 2, 2011)

10,000th LEED building certified
Source: Construction Magazine; Jim Austin (Sept 1, 2011)

Panasonic to Run Asia's First Green Home Energy Project
Source: GreenBiz; Leslie Guevarra (Aug 11, 2011)

U.N. Green Buildings Tool to be Considered by I.S.O.
SourceL EcoSeed (Aug 3, 2011)

United Technologies Discusses Energy Efficient Building Systems
Source: environmnentalLeader (July 18, 2011)

Siemens Hiring 400 for Green Building Tech; DOE Fund Takes 11 Products to Market
Source: environmentalLeader (July 5, 2011)

How Building Information Modeling (BIM) Helps Buildings Go Green
Source: Inhabitat; Jill Fehrenbacher (June 30, 2011)

Lewis & Clark State Office: Robust systems and good management deliver consistent energy savings (CASE STUDY: REVISIT)
Source: GreenSource Magazine; Nadav Malin (June 2011)

Radical Confidence: From Information to Intelligence in Green Buildings
Source: GreenerBuildings; Rob Watson (June 9, 2011)

Daylight-Mimicking LEDs, Recycled Concrete Net Green Building Grants
Source: GreenerBuildings Staff (May 5, 2011)

The 4 Golden Principles for Smart Building Systems
Source: GreenerBuildings; Sam Jaffe (April 14, 2011)

EPA announces stricter Energy Star standards for lighting
Source: Facilities Management Link (April 6, 2011)

Building Efficiency: Ten Trends to Watch in 2011 and Beyond
Source: Pike Research (Jan 2011)

CA Incandescent Ban, Green Building Codes Go Into Effect
Source: environmentalLeader (Jan 5, 2011)

Is LEED No Longer in the Lead?
Source: Triple Pundit; RP Siegel (Jan 4, 2011)

  16 Green Building Innovations of 2010
Source: Jetson Green; Preston (Jan 3, 2011)

How Starbucks Saves Millions a Year in Energy with LED Lighting
Source: GreenBiz; Claudia Girrbach (Dec 2, 2010)

USGBC Requests Public Comment for LEED Program Update
Source: environmentalLeader (Nov 9, 2010)

Your Guide to the New Draft of LEED
Source: Building Green; Environmental Building News (Nov 9, 2010)

LEED Roundup – Johnson Controls, Westinghouse, Medline, Frito-Lay, ASH
Source: enviornmentalLeader (Sept 17, 2010)

Spotlighting the Green Benefits of LEDs
Source: GreenBiz; Claudia Girrbach (Sept 2, 2010)
Published September 02, 2010

IBM and Tridium, Inc. to Develop New Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings
Source: IBM (July 28, 2010)

Microsoft Teams Up on Energy Monitor
Source: Electronic House; Steven Castle (July 28, 2010)

U of L's Duthie Center for Engineering gets LEED Gold certification
Source:  Business First of Louisville (July 28, 2010)

Efficiency Retrofits for Commercial Buildings Could Save $41.1B
Source: environmentalLeader (July 23, 2010)
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Long Island Town Fights To Keep Energy Efficiency Program
Source: OnEarth; Emily Gertz (July 14, 2010)

Higher Ed Sets Power Goals
July 12, 2010 By Housley Carr
Source: GreenSource Magazine; Housley Carr (July 12, 2010)
Originally published in Engineering News Record

UCSD Saves $900,000 with Energy Dashboard
Source: environmentalLeader (June 30, 2010)

Cisco shows off home energy device, sets utility trial
Source: Connected Planet; Rich Karpinski (June 29, 2010)

DOE Announces $76M for Energy-Efficient Building Technologies and Training Programs
Source: (June 21, 2010)

Johnson Controls' Energy Efficiency Indicator Goes Global
Source:  GreenerBuildings Staff (June 3, 2010)

New Study Explores Value of 'Recycling' Old Buildings
Source: GreenerBuildings ( June 3, 2010)

SmartSynch to Deploy SmartMeters in TX
Source: environmentalLeader (May 28, 2010)

It Isn't Easy Grading Green Nations
Source: GreenSource Magazine; B.J. Novitski (May 20, 2010)

Intel Achieves First LEED Gold for Design Center
Source: environmentalLeader (April 23, 2010)

EPA Announces New Guidelines for Energy Star Homes
Source: EPA (Apr 19, 2010)

Australian laws to promote building efficiency
Source: Reuters; James Grubel (Mar 18)

IBM and Johnson combine to create efficient building solutions
Source: TELECOMWORLDWIRE (Feb 23, 2010)

NORESCO to Implement $34 Million in Energy Upgrades on Capitol Hill
Source: PR Newswire (Feb 22, 2010)

All New Office Depots to be Built to Energy Efficient, LEED Standards
Source: environmentalLeader (Feb 22, 2010)

Could poorly performing projects kill green building?
Daily Journal of Commerce; Mark Rossolo (Feb 18, 2010)

U of L building gets Gold LEED certification
Source: Business First of Louisville (Feb 18, 2010)

Obama Administration to Create Building Efficiency Research Center
Source: GreenerBuildings (Feb 17, 2010)

New Association to Support, Promote Green Building Products
Source: GreenBiz (Feb 17, 2010)

Honeywell Adds Smart Grid Application to Its Prestige Programmable Thermostat System
Source: PR Newswire (Feb 17, 2010)

First LEED Hotel in Quebec is a Holiday Inn Express
Source: Green Lodging News (Jan 31, 2010)

Cree, Dow, GE Get Millions in Tax Credits for Cleantech, Green Building Products
Source: GreenerBuildings (Jan 20, 2010)

Six Key Lessons on Green and Energy Efficiency Retrofits
Source: GreenerBuildings; Leanne Tobias (Jan 20, 2010)

National Grid HQ Gets LEED Platinum
Source: environmentalLeader (Jan 15, 2010)

California's Building Code Turns a Deeper Shade of Green
Source: GreenerBuildings (Jan 14, 2010)

15 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers Attain Green Globes Certification
Source: GreenerBuildings (Jan 12, 2010)

Embracing Sustainability: Good for the Bottom Line
Source: Facility Matters; Lee Kaufmann (Winter 2010)

College Facilities Make the Green Grade
Source: environmentalLeader (Dec 29, 2009)

U.S. Green Building Activity to Grow 146% by 2013
Source: environmentalLeader (Dec 29, 2009)

Convention Centers Put Green Into Energy Efficiency
Source: environmentalLeader (Dec 28, 2009)

Building Value: How Energy Efficiency Measures Enhance Real Estate Portfolios
Source: GreenerBuildings (Dec 24, 2009)

Raleigh Convention Center Among Elite Group to Earn LEED Certification
Source: Green Lodging News; Glenn Hasek (Dec 23, 2009)

City Drops Mandatory Retrofits But Passes Greener, Greater Buildings Plan
Source: greenbuildingsNYC (Dec 10, 2009)

Berkeley Lab gets $16M for building energy use facility
Source: San Francisco Business Times; Steven E.F. Brown (Dec 10, 2009)

New Study: Green Buildings Generate More Green – They Lead to Increased Productivity
Source: Sustainable Building; A. Siegel (Nov 4, 2009)

Passivhaus: The Top 5 Barriers to Growth In The US
Source: The Green Economy Post; Jessalyn Dingwell (Oct 27, 2009)

'Green' Building Retrofits To Be 20-30% of Commercial Projects By 2014
Source: environmnetalLeader (Oct 23, 2009)

'Green Cities California Unveils Best Practices Website
Source: GreenerBuildings; Leslie Guevarra (Oct 21, 2009)

Earthster, the Next Sustainability Rating Tool
Source: The Green Workplace (Oct 18, 2009)

Proving LEED Works: Productivity Gains in LEED/Energy Star Buildings
Source: Real Life LEED (Oct 12, 2009)

UGC: Green Cost Premium Disappears
Source:; Paul Bubny (Oct 6, 2009)

Taking the Pulse Interest in building-performance metrics is reaching fever pitch as operational-data reporting is incorporated into requirements.
Source: GreenSource Currents: First Read; David Sokol (Sept 2009)

The Second Time Around: Congress's stamp of approval for the sustainable retrofit of buildings bears good tidings for green-collar jobs
Source: GreenSource; David Sokol (Sept 2009)

Universities of Toledo, Minnesota Embrace Eco-buildings
Source: environmentalLeader (Sept 23, 2009)

USGBC Wants an Environmental Label for Every Building
Source: environmentalLeader (September 15, 2009)

Green building certification does not guarantee energy efficiency
Source: Triraga Insights (Sept 10, 2009)

New York Mandates Green Standards for State Buildings
Source: environmentalLeader (Sept 10, 2009)

Power For the People
Source: Financial Post; Mary Teresa Bitti (Sept 4, 2009)

Modeling Green Engineers and Designers Still Discovering Sustainable Benefits of BIM
Source: GreenSource; Diane Greer (Sept 1, 2009)
Article originally appeared on

NASA Goes for Energy Efficiency in New Building
Source: environmentalLeader (Aug 26, 2009)

Are There Any Risks In Building Green?
Source: Green Building Elements; Chris Bacavis (Aug 24, 2009)

River Crest Elementary School earns LEED® Gold
Source: Wisconsin Business; Hoffman, LLC (Aug 21, 2009)

The Promise of Energy Ace's LEED Guarantee
Source: GreenerBuildings; Chris Cheatham (Aug 21, 2009)

Dell Cuts Power Use by 48M KWH, Saves $5.8M
Source: environmentalLeader (Aug 13, 2009)

POV: Green Listings and Certifications
Source: InfoComm International via Sound & Video Contractor (Aug 10, 2009)

USPS Unveils NYC's Biggest Green Roof
Source: environmentalLeader (July 27, 2009)

Software Helps Green Builders Track LEED Projects
Source: environmentalLeader; July 16, 2009

Lighting Retrofit to Save Kendall-Jackson $100K Annually
Source: environmentalLeader (July 12, 2009)

Cisco Wants to Transform Energy Demand and Use with Smart Buildings
Source: environmentalLeader (July 3, 2009)

Energy Star Homes Save $250M on Utility Bills in 2008
Source: environmentalLeader (July 3, 2009)

Feds Put Solar Energy Projects on 'Fast Track'
Source: environmentalLeader (July 1, 2009)

Green Building Retrofits Represent a Potential $400B Market
Source: environmentalLeader (June 18, 2009)

The Visionaire: New York City's First LEED Platinum-Certified Condominiums
Source: greenbuildingsNYC via GreenSource Magazine (June 3, 2009)

Carlisle Energy Services and Solyndra, Inc. Enter Contract to Deliver Photovoltaic Systems for Commercial Cool Roofs
Source: Solyndra (November 17, 2008)

2008 Top Ten Green Building Projects
Source: American Institute of Architects

US Green Building Council Launches Nationwide Green Schools Effort
USGBC (September 4, 2008)

Green: The Color of Money Sound & Communications Talks about AV in Green Building

Da-Lite Screen Company Sales Team & Employees Attains LEED AP Certification
Rental and Staging: Weekly News

Green Buildings May Be Cheapest Way to Slow Global Warming
Scientific American; David Biello (March 17, 2008)

Palazzo's LEDs Help it Rank as Largest LEED Structure

PANDUIT Hosts Groundbreaking Ceremony for new Worldwide Headquarters in Tinley Park
Reuters (June 12, 2008)

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