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Convention Industry Council

Sustainable Packaging Coalition

National Systems Contractors Association

Canadian Standards Association

Sustainable Buildings Industry Council

Green Meetings Industry Council, a member of the Convention Industry Council

International Association of Electronics Recylcers (IAER Directory)

Find more on laws, regulations and the environmental impact of mercury.

Electronic Industries Alliance

See Lamps Section for the following information:

Solid Waste Association of North America

Project Green AV - Our Community
The PGAV Community is growing… see who is joining us.


Informs public and private consumers about the environmental quality/impact of computers and monitors.

Developed by Green Electronics Council; newly required for all federal computer purchases- learn how your electronics stack up.

US Green Building Councils

USGBC Tools for Governments and Schools

Project Green AV - Quick Facts

Top Fortune 500 Power Purchasers

Electronics Recycling Regulations

Project Green AV - The Facts

Recycling Saves Money!
A special PGAV THANK YOU to Sarah Washington who teaches children about earth awareness at her local library. Her research brought her to many useful sites, including our own. Thanks for helping PGAV and for being so committed to your students, Sarah!!

Guide to Recycling Electronics
Repair the Environment

A special PGAV THANK YOU to Marcus, a student in Ms. Chandler’s class at Monument Charter School. Marcus submitted this link, which he found as part of a class lesson on recycling and environmental responsibility. WAY TO GO, MARCUS!

Electronics Take Back Coalition
Electronics Company Recycling Report Card

PC Richards
Go Green Get Green Electronics Recycling Program

Radio Shack Trade-In Program
            Search Radio Shack Trade-In by Brand

Electronics Manufacturers Recycling Management Company

EPA Resource Conservation Challenge: Green Electronics

NEC Display Solutions Trade In Program Earn cash for your previously used equipment Click here for NEC Total Trade Quotes

Basel Action Network’s Responsible e-cyclers List of Electronics Recyclers by Region (US, Canada & International).

E-Bay's Rethink Initiative

Panasonic Toughbook Refurbishment Exchange

Earth 911

Back Thru the Future Technology Disposal

Best Buy Electronics Recycling

Computer Recycling USA

Consumer Reports: Electronics Reuse and Recycling Center

Creative Recycling: Electronics Recycling (Facts and Safety)

Dell Recycling

Electronic Industries Alliance: Ecycling Central (Interactive Map)

Electronics Recycling Tools

Electronic Recyclers International

List of Recyclable Products

EPA Consumer Electronics eCycling Initiatives (US)

Epson Recycling Program

Great Lakes Electronics Corporation

HP Product Recycling

HP Product Return and Recycling

My Green Electronics: Electronics Recycling (Search by ZIP Code)

National Center for Electronics Recycling

Office Depot Tech Recycling

Recycle Net: Recycler's World

Toshiba Recycling and Trade-In Program

Electronics Recycling Fundraising Ideas

Education & Non-Profit Electronics and Supply Recycling

America's Schools Program

Computers & Education: Computer Recycling Center

Tech Soup: Electronics Recycling for Schools and Non-profits

Lamp Recycling

New consortium for the standardization of LEDs

IAVI ProGreen
Project. Recycle.

Why Recycle Spent Lamps
Video from

Association of Lighting and Mercury Recyclers Lamp Recycling Outreach Project

Find tips about lamp recycling; learn more about the process and order your own Lamp Recycling CD complete with details about Federal regulations and incentive programs.

Discover suggestions about recycling, handling mercury waste and environmental responsibility from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association

Link to a Resource Guide and Power Point Presentation with facts and stats about Lamp Recycling.

Office Supply Recycling

Canon Toner Return Program

Lexmark Recycling Program

Recycling at Office Depot

Recycling at Staples

Xerox Supply Recycling

Phone Recycling

Collective Good

Sprint and ReCellular's Keep America Beautiful

Recycle Wireless Phones with Sprint's Project Connect. Net proceeds go to keeping children safe online.

AT&T/Cingular Reuse and Recycle

T Mobile Handset Recycling

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