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Green AV University: The What, Why & How of Sustainable AV

Experience the first webinar in our Green AV University Series presented in conjunction with TCO Development on demand, now.

Hear expert commentary from our featured Guest, Bill Lally, LEED-AP of Mode:Green along with presenters Clare Hobby of TCO Development, Elizabeth Eames of Project Green AV and host, Gina Sansivero, Director of Project Green AV.

Download a copy of the slide presentation: Green AV University: The What, Why & How of Sustainable AV

For more on the Green AV University free webinar series open to all audiovisual professionals, contact us.

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AMX offers schools an energy saving approach to facilities management and technology in this Sustainable Schools edition of Unified Campus.

Comprehensive Sustainability through Manufacturing: A Look at US Manufacturing of AV Products

Environmental responsibility is a whole system process that coordinates design, sourcing, implementation, use, end of life management, supply chain management, packaging, shipping and fair labor.  Environmental responsibility is an architect of comprehensive sustainability founded on corporate social responsibility and future-focused commitments.

To delve deeper into comprehensive sustainability at work in the audiovisual industry, Project Green AV is starting closest to home with a look at US manufacturing of AV products.  As we continue our research and commitment to industry-wide global environmental responsibility, we look forward to featuring advancements in responsible production and distribution throughout the Americas, in Europe, Australia and Asia.

From the local point of view, manufacturing products in the US for distribution to the US and the Americas minimizes carbon impact, increases efficiency and reduces cost. But US manufacturing practices and standards provide more comprehensive positive environmental impact than just carbon reduction.

 The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) publishes The Facts About Modern Manufacturing that outlines advancements in US manufacturing, including the environmentally responsible features of domestic production.  In the eighth edition of the report, NIST states that “U.S. companies are among the global leaders in developing the technical innovations that can enable countries to become more energy efficient while also achieving the economic growth so essential to improving the living standards of their citizens.”  Further, the report explains that “continued technical innovation by U.S. manufacturers will be one of the keys for a successful global response to the problem of climate change.”


Making Money in Green AV

Project Green AV director, Gina Sansivero, shares insight on Green AV profitability in this excerpt from her Almo E4 Green AV keynote speech: Making Money in Green AV.

Her insight on how to leverage government opportunities for successful, profitable Green AV projects provides a road map for success for ProAV Green AV practitioners at a levels and in all capacities across the audiovisual industry. 

Learn more about the opportunities for Green AV growth in the government, business and education sectors.

Check out the full text of the presentation.

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Welcome to Project Green AV

Project Green AV is the audiovisual industry source for news, education, community and conversations about environmental responsibility in AV.

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Green AV: Set the Standard

It's safe to say that the Green AV Revolution is over. The audio visual industry is now facing the practical reality of developing and applying consistent, repeatable, cost-effective and recognizable environmentally responsible business practices, processes and products. 

Pro-AV businesses and end users are in a unique position.  Having been boxed out of LEED, AV has had a harder time pitching its advances in environmentally responsible products and practices.  At the same time, the AV industry has not been involved in greenwashing the way many other industries have, nor is AV associated with recent lawsuits against the USGBC LEED program.

What needs to happen for Green AV to become the standard for AV products, practices and processes and how can the industry expect to see a Green AV improve the bottom line for AV businesses?

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Throw Away Electronics? No Way‎

Electronic waste should not be thrown away because it can still be reused to be something useful. Some electronic devices become part of human lives and these devices really help the users. However, those devices will not last forever and they will be broken someday. Most of the people who have unused electronic devices, they will put them in a trash. In fact, those electronic wastes can actually be reused and give you a lot of benefits. The metal material is the main component used in electronic and the metal can be reused and sold. Metal recycling can really be beneficial because it can be converted into other products. Instead of metal, the material used in the electronic device is plastic that can be reused to make a certain item.

The Importance of Electronic Waste Recycling

It is undeniable that electronic device is something that is quite close to the human and most of the people have some electronic devices such as television, smartphone, radio, DVS, computer, Laptop, audio visual, and much more. However, all of those items cannot last forever which means that they will be damaged and broken. When you collect some electronic waste and you do not reuse it, then it will make your house look messy and some of the electronic devices may contain mercury that is dangerous for human health. Therefore, you have to get rid of those electronic wastes by reusing it into something else. By reusing the electronic wastes, then you will get some benefits including earning money when you sell those electronic waste. This can be a great green idea to protect our environment from unused materials.

Several Ways to Recycle Electronic Wastes

There are so many ways to create zero waste by reusing some of the electronic waste in your house. Metal recycling is one of a good idea because metal is one material that can be converted into something else. Besides, when you do not do metal recycling by yourself, then you can also sell the metal to waste collectors and you will earn money. However, some of the creative people may reuse the metal from the electronic waste to be converted into a cool and creative item. Some electronic devices are also using plastic material. Plastic material is the common wastes that can be recycled easily. If you do not want the plastics to be garbage, then you can collect them and sell it to waste collectors. You will be paid for the waste and they will reuse the waste to create other items. If you do not want to sell the waste, then you can find some ideas or use your ideas to convert those wastes to be something unique.

Getting Some Gold from Electronic Waste

It is known that in each electronic device, there are some components that are made of gold. Gold is one of the best conductors and it can be found easily in a professor, hard disk, or PCB. You do not need to spend so much money and effort to process the components into gold. A simple method can be applied to get this precious metal for any electronic wastes. Anyone can do this way to get the gold from the components. You only need to prepare mercury, nitric acid, as well as parachute fabric. After that, you can put the components into a glass that contains nitric acid and wait until the liquid becomes green. Next, you can use the parachute fabric to filter the liquid.

The gold pieces will adhere to the fabric used. To unite the gold pieces into one, you can use mercury. You can pour the mercury on the fabric and shake it until the pieces unite. After that, squeeze the fabric to remove the mercury to get white pieces. The last thing is burning. With a high temperature, the white pieces will be converted into solid gold.

Several Important Recycling Rules

The recycling program has been started since decades ago but it does not mean that all of the people agree to this program. Certainly, you have to understand more about the recycling process and understand what you can recycle and what you cannot. Therefore, when you are about to recycle some waste, then you have to understand some recycling rules and regulation to do the proper recycling. The first rule is that there must be no plastic bag. A small and thin plastic like plastic bag can get caught and tear in the gear of the system and switch off the operation that can make financial losses and delay. That is why the waste collector does not want to collect plastic bags. But, in the case of electronic waste, you can still recycle the plastic material because it is made of solid and hard plastic. Another recycling rule is that you have to know before you throw. So, you have to understand several items that are recyclable so that you do not throw them in vain. The third recycling rule is that if you do not know it, then you should not throw. This is quite important because some materials may be dangerous and cannot be recycled naturally when you throw them in vain. It is better for you to put those unknown waste in the bin.

Zero Waste and Green Ideas

What does zero waste mean? Zero waste means that there must be no waste that can make the environment dirty. As long as you can recycle those wastes, then you must put those waste in the recycle bin and send them to waste collector. Zero waste is one of the green ideas in order to protect the environment from garbage. Thus, when there are no wastes around the environment, the human will be always healthy and there is not dangerous chemical substance in the environment.

In summary, recycling trash is a good green idea to protect our environment from unhealthy materials including metal recycling and plastic recycling that can be found in some electronic wastes. Therefore, if you have so many electronic wastes, then you have to put them in the recycle bin before you send it to a waste collector. But, you also need to understand the items that can recycle and understand the recycling rules because not all of the wastes can be recycled.

Featured News

Contractors Advised to Look at Carbon Footprint as Agencies Strive for Sustainability
Source: Daily Environment Report; Andrew Childers via BNA (Sept 13, 2016)

Energy Management Tech Briefing: Sprint, Proliphix, SmartLabs, Tendril, Elster, Lutron, Tantalus
Source: environmentalLeader (Sept 9, 2016)

RelampIt! Promotes Green AV with an AV Week Raffle
Source: Projector Lamp Services (Sept 2, 2016)

When To Replace Your Mitsubishi Projector Lamp?
Source: RelampIt (June 22, 2016)

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Project Spotlight
Spotlight on Lockheed Martin: Bringing New Life to AV Equipment

Da Lite logo

Joseph Julian, Multimedia Products Analyst at Lockheed Martin, saves the brackets from the walls.  He saves every piece of AV equipment and ancillary equipment from installations, rooms and offices in an "AV graveyard" and manages them through a complex database that guarantees none of Lockheed Martin's equipment- whatever size- will end up in landfills.

For Julian, who manages the database that links existing equipment to new projects and “dispositioned” equipment to AV electronics recycling, environmental responsibility is a key value.  Since the efforts began, nearly 100,000 pieces of equipment and ancillary equipment have been saved.  Julian started keeping records of his group’s sustainability efforts in January 2008 and the amount of responsibly recycled AV equipment continues to grow. 

When Lockheed Martin took over a new building in Bethesda, Maryland and underwent a renovation, Julian managed the project and made reuse and recycling a priority.  The building’s previous tenant had left sound masking and other AV equipment throughout the building.  Instead of tossing it, Julian added it to his collection and readied it for future re-use, recovering forty-eight Atlas M980 sound-masking speakers and using them in a new construction project.

Read the Full Spotlight Text

PGAV Guide to InfoComm 2012

The PGAV Green AV Guide to InfoComm 2012 is your Green AV Cheat Sheet for this year's show.

Have something to add? Contact us with your Green AV InfoComm News and we will add it to our Green AV Guide Updates.

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Project Green AV is proud to report that our LinkedIn Group is over 1,000 members strong and growing by the day.

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AMX Enova DVX-3150 – An All-In-One with All the Right Stuff

Equipment that fulfills multiple functions not only saves space but is generally more cost effective. Specifically for AV, reducing the number of devices in a typical rack offers a variety of benefits that translate into financial, material and energy savings as well as responsible procurement.  This is especially true for the new Enova DVX-3150 from AMX.

The Enova DVX-3150 is an all-in-one switcher which replaces up to 10 different rack components. There is an obvious financial benefit to removing that many devices from a typical rack. However, beyond the financial benefit is the energy savings (think: even MORE financial benefits).   When active, the DVX consumes about 80% less energy than a standard rack configuration- that’s a mere 90 watts. With the amplifier, expect it to draw 95- 110 watts.  In standby, the DVX crushes both a competitive product and a standard rack by using only 10% of the energy- 30 watts.  The Enova DVX-3150 is a single device about the size of a desktop tower; the reduction in the amount of heat that it gives off, and therefore the amount of additional outside cooling required,  can also be calculated into the energy savings.  The DVX is a great option to help further your client’s green initiatives and offer a visible reduction in the electric bill.

LynTec Circuit Breaker Panels Offer Convenience & Energy Efficiencies

Green devices should take into account more than energy savings. Design, procurement, materials, assembly, social responsibility and shipping are all part of the overall environmental impact of a product.  AMX understands this and has designed a device that moves beyond efficiency. By replacing up to 10 components, the DVX reduces the amount of materials required to manufacture all those devices (being shipped from manufacturers around the world). It eliminates 9 devices worth of packaging and overall shipping carbon footprint, especially for our readers in North America; the DVX is designed in the US and manufactured in Mexico at a plant which has established environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

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Yolady Shapewear - Tummy Control Panties, Breathable Waist Cincher, Posture Corrector, Full Body Shapewear

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